Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tesso Nilo National Park: The Best Place ever

Tesso Nilo National Park (TNTN), located in the regency and Indragiri Hulu, Riau, Indonesia. Regions with an area of ​​approximately 83,000 hectares to be one bag Sumatran elephant population (Elephas maximus sumatranus) with a population estimated at 70-90 an elephant. Tesso Nilo National Park designated as a conservation area Sumatran elephants are on the verge of extinction.

Need travel about 4-5 hours drive from the provincial capital of Riau, Pekanbaru, to achieve Tesso Nilo National Park in the district Ukui, regency. The road makes tired .. : lol especially when the rainy season, the driver must be an expert when it's going in the corridor ..

Of research Andrew N Gillison, researcher at the Center For Biodiversity Management Australia 2001, found 218 types of vegetation in the plot of 200 square meters and is expressed as the forests have the highest biodiversity in the world. In addition, there are 82 known types of medicinal plants. :

In TNTN there are also 114 species of birds, 50 species of fish in the river and Teso Nilo, 33 species of herpetofauna and 644 beetles. Some are rare animals such as the Sumatran tiger, sun bear, clouded leopard and so also detected live in the wild habitat, especially in the core area Tesso Nilo National Park. But unfortunately, the encroachment continues, even he has reached the area of ​​28,000 hectares
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