Tuesday, December 25, 2012

7 Rare Fruit that's good in Indonesia

1. Cempedak

"Fruitful Cempedak Jackfruit" most frequently used language saying that, but if Cempedak itself? Indonesia many of our people do not know it, Cempedak is the name of a fruit that is similar to the Jackfruit but guess, stems, and fruit season is different. If Cempedak taste sweeter than Jackfruit, that of the rod,

Cempedak have more sap than Jackfruit liquid. The leaves also have white feathers are thin if Jackfruit leaves no feathers thin, well, if in terms of the season, Cempedak only bear fruit once a year. Cempedak also taking different contents of jackfruit are rather complicated. Taking content Cempedak tinggak skin sliced ​​from top to bottom and then pull up puluk wrote it (the middle of the sticky fruit on the fruit) will automatically join it lifted all, stay deh eat ...
Cempedak can be made a variety of foods, from sweets Cempedak, Cempedak fried foods (such as fried bananas, but it is not a banana but Cempedak), even be eaten as Jackfruit is also nice.

Cempedak is that area of ​​Indonesia has grown Sumatra region, such as South Sumatra, North Sumatra, Bangka Island, Island Pacific Islands.

2.Buah Rukem

Fruit Rukem, living lowland Sumatra, Bangka Island, Island Pacific Islands, with thorny trees, and with a sweet taste. However, if still raw and green then it seems sepet once. The fruit is usually eaten raw or salted.


If the fruit of this one masem sweet taste, similar to the physical duku, but fruit frilly didahannya down time. Her skin was thinner than duku. Relatively large tree duku. The fruit is usually widely used to cook fish mix instead of acid. and Island Pacific Islands region growing, if I have not seen elsewhere.

4.Buah Kemunting or crust sit

Living in a sandy area mengenel not fruitful season, the fruit is sweet and delicious. physically small fruit sekital sejempol adults, but the fruit is so much fruit in each single stem.

The tree is relatively small for most adult feet, it rarely is mostly just for adults topnotch wrote. The fruit is a lot there are areas of sandy island of Bangka and Billiton Island.

5.Buah Kelubi

Fruit kelubi aquatic life in areas that are in the woods, or brackish water areas, the fruit is similar to bark, similarity was so many people think this is the fruits, but it's very acidic, usually marinated before being eaten fruit is used to flavor menghilangi acid. Pacific Islands lowland island life.

6.Buah Manau

Manau fruit is the fruit of the tree of rattan, which has fruit acids taste sweet, the fruit is delicious when it's salted. manau many pieces there are areas of Bangka Islands, Balearic Islands, Sumatra, Borneo. Manau fruit in one tree can produce up to half a sack, the fruit is usually sold in areas of traditional markets that exist in areas such as Bangka, Billiton, Borneo.

7.Buah Rumbia

If fruit Rumbia numerous in Indonesia, because Rumbia is sago. So sago palm fruit is the fruit produced from sago palm. The fruit is sweet taste sepet. Usually marinated sepetnya used for pain. However sepetnya Rumbia fruit is not worth the sepetnya Rukem the raw fruit. So if eaten plain no problem.


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