Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sate Semut = Sate Ant

you know Indonesian calls ant "semut". so sate semut is "Sate Ant"
Sate Ants is an effort in the field of food and beverage special process food made ​​from raw oyster mushrooms.

With dozens of variations of oyster mushroom menu, SATE ANT became one of the pioneers of the culinary world oyster mushrooms with a modern concept.

With a name that is unique and stands to make Brand SATE ANTS very quickly known by the public. Oyster mushroom dishes are very varied and always updated with the most competitive prices to be more value in the eyes of its customers OYSTER MUSHROOMS.

Why satay ants?
With a name that is unique and stands to make Brand SATE ANTS very quickly known by the public.

SATE ANT is one of the pioneers of the modern concept of oyster mushroom dishes and professionally managed.

Business in the staple food is one very profitable business with sales performance trends continue to rise as high repeat orders and large profit margins.

Product oyster mushroom dishes are very familiar and well known by the public for a long time and SATE ANTS package products are highly nutritious oyster mushroom has become increasingly valuable.

The products have great market appeal and all the time, not seasonal products. The menus are varied and ANT SATE competitive prices have attracted many and loved by all walks of life.

SATE ANTS product also has a universal market segments, both kids, teens, parents, and families. This effort can be carried out at various places in accordance with the requirements of the business.

Increased public awareness of the importance of nutrition and health value of the food making business prospects SATE ANTS will be higher.

The food menu:
• Mushrooms Obong
• Sate mushrooms
• Crispy mushrooms
• Oseng2 mushrooms
• Mushroom Noodles
• Mushroom Fried Rice
• Dadar mushrooms

• Ice Tea
• Ice Oranges
• Assorted fruit juice
• etc.


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