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10 Oldest Railway Station in Indonesia

10. Ijo Station (1880)

Station Ijo (IJ) is a railway station located in the west of Station Deal. Administratively, the station is in the village of Bumiagung, District Rowokele, Kebumen. Aside from being a station crossing, other functions are as railroad tunnel controller (called tunnel Ijo) are located on the east side of this station. Management station is located at an altitude of +25 m above sea level is below 5 Purwokerto Regional Operations. Stations were built in the mid 1880's was rarely visited by train. Berperon station side has three rail lines.

9. Kotalama Malang Station (1879)
Kotalama Malang Station (MLK) is a railway station located in the District of Breadfruit, Malang. Station located at an altitude of +429 m above sea level is in Operation Region 8 Surabaya. The station is the southernmost railway station located in the city of Malang, and the oldest, built in 1879. The addition of the name "Kotalama" is intended to distinguish the Kotabaru Malang Station was built later.
From there Kotalama Malang Station rail branching leading to Pertamina depot.

8. Surabaya City Station (1878)
Surabaya City Station (SB), which is popularly known as Ant Stations located in demolition, Customs Cantikan, Surabaya. It is located north Surabaya Gubeng Station and also the final destination station in the city of Surabaya railway line south of the island of Java that connects Surabaya to Yogyakarta and Bandung and Jakarta. Another important station in Surabaya is Pasar Turi Station that connects Surabaya, Semarang. New in the independence, Railway Bureau held a rail service between Jakarta and Surabaya Pasar Turi through Semarang.

Historically, Surabaya City Station was built when the railway line Surabaya-Malang and Pasuruan initiated around 1870. The goal is to transport crops and plantations of the interior of East Java, especially from Malaysia, to the Port of Tanjung Perak which also was built around the year. This building was inaugurated on May 16, 1878. With the increasing use of rail, on 11 November 1911, the station building was expanded to the present form.

7. Purwosari Station (1875)
Purwosari Station (PWS) is a railway station located on Jl. No. Slamet Riyadi. 502, Purwosari, Lawiyan, Surakarta. Station located at an altitude of +98 m above sea level is in Operation Zone 6 Yogyakarta.
Purwosari station was built in 1875, and is the oldest station in Surakarta. Its construction is handled by NISM. Purwosari station in the area Mangkunegaran.

6. Racing Solo Station (1873)
Racing Solo Station (code: SLO, +93 m) is a base station in Kestalan and mill, Banjarsari, Surakarta linking Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang. The station was established by the colonial railway network NIS in the 19th century (1873 to be exact)

5. Kedungjati Station (1873)
Kedungjati Station (KEJ) is a railway station located in Kedungjati, Kedungjati, Grobogan. Station located at an altitude of +36 m above sea level is in Operation Zone 4 Semarang. Kedungjati station opened in May 21, 1873. Architecture is similar to the train station in Ambarawa Willem I even used to operate the railway line from Kedungjati Ambarawa, which was not in operation in 1976. In 1907, the station was built Kedungjati changed from wood to brick plastered with a platform constructed of steel with a roof of corrugated iron as high as 14.65 cm.

4. Ambarawa Station (1873)
Ambarawa Railway Museum is a railway station which is now converted into a museum in Ambarawa, Central Java, which has a complete train which had triumphed in his day. One of the steam railway locomotive number B 2502 and B 2503 made Maschinenfabriek Esslingen still be able to run the activity as rail travel. Serrated steam train is very unique and is one of three remaining in the world. Two of them were in Switzerland and India. In addition to unique collections before, still can be seen different types of steam locomotive of series B, C, D to the major types of CC (CC 5029, Schweizerische Lokomotiv und Maschinenfabrik) in the courtyard.

3. Lempuyangan Station (1872)
Lempuyangan Station (code: LPN, +114 m asl) is a railway station located in the city of Yogyakarta, located approximately 1 km to the east of the city's main station, the station in Yogyakarta. Station was established on March 2, 1872 dismissal of all trains serving economy across Yogyakarta. Lempuyangan along with rail stations stretching from west to east is the border between the north and the District Gondokusuman Danurejan south.

2. Semarang Tawang Station (1868)
Semarang Tawang Station (code SMT) is a base station in Tanjung Mas, North Semarang, Semarang serving railway and business executives. Economic train stopped at the station. The station is the oldest railway station in Indonesia after Semarang Warehouse and inaugurated on July 19, 1868 for the path to liability Tawang Semarang. This pathway uses width 1435 mm. In 1873 the line was extended to the station and continue until the Solo Racing Lempuyangan station in Yogyakarta.

1. Semarang Station Warehouse / Tambaksari (1864)
The station was built on June 16, 1864 which was inaugurated by the Governor-General Baron van de Beele Sloet. For the operation of the route, the Dutch government appointed Nederlandsch Spoorweg Indische Maatschappij (NIS), one of the NIS headquarters is now known as Building Sewu Lawang. And precisely on August 10, 1867 a train gliding for the first time at this station.


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