Tuesday, December 25, 2012

model cities in Indonesia version of the United Nations, congratulation! # ProudIndonesia

The three cities selected as model city for other cities in Indonesia by the United Nations, United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Three city is UN Habitat selection in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Pekalongan and Solo in Central Java.

"Three city is able to prove that they are able to make changes and make the city better," said Bruno Dercon, Human Settlements Officer at UN Habitat to Yahoo! Asia Pacific in Fukuoka, Japan, 29 November 2012. Banjarmasin, Pekalongan and Solo is considered as the city with good governance, strong leadership and policies are pro-poor.

The program begins with an idea to listen to stories of successful cities. "If there is a successful city, then it should be the other cities also can imitate what has been done," said Bruno. These three cities considered to be a role model for the other 500 cities in Indonesia.

Leadership is an important factor in the development of these three cities, particularly in Pekalongan and Solo. Assessment carried out between 2011 and 2012, when it led Pekalongan Mayor M Bashir Ahmad, Banjarmasin and Solo Muhidin led by Joko Widodo.

The selection of the three cities are part of the City Development Strategies program was originally intended to connect the local and central government for the realization of development in the city. Furthermore, UN Habitat intends to roll out the training to the leaders of other cities in Indonesia.

The trick, the mayor sent to study in the three cities. "So they can see for themselves and learn from the source," said Bruno.

Here is a brief review of the three cities:

Banjarmasin city strategy is to become the economic gateway Borneo, a traditional river city comfortable. "Government officials Banjarmasin city is full of young people eager who know all about the city," said Bruno.

One of the exemplary service of Banjarmasin is clean water for almost the entire city. 98 percent of households in Banjarmasih already served taps, the highest percentage in Indonesia.

As a city in Borneo, Banjarmasin realize that the river is the city's identity. Culture river will be strengthened to make it as an asset of the city and river unite development strategies. Moreover, well-known icon Banjarmasin is a floating market that invites tourists from home and abroad.

The challenge for Banjarmasin city is overcoming the expected population growth doubled in two decades. The city is required to continue improving basic services and quality of life of its citizens. With a growing population, the city is jam-threatening if not immediately find a solution.


Pekalongan have three main strategies, namely minapolitan development, downtown revitalization and economic development of batik. "Initially, the city government is still undecided determine which is more important to develop, Pekalongan as minapolitan city or town in the coastal batik," said Bruno.

The underlying problem is the low Pekalongan basic public services, many low-income and unemployed residents. Residential areas on the north coast has been poor and vulnerable to natural disasters.

To overcome this, the Government is focusing Pekalongan to organize the area north of the city. How, with coastal environmental management and development. Low-income communities are given soft loans and promotion of the cultivation and processing of fish.

Assessed Solo City Government has a clear focus to realize the vision of his city, "eco-cultural city". City Strategy is concerned with urban ecology, cultural heritage preservation, economic development and infrastructure development seashell.

Renovated parks, including parks Balekambang, Manahan, Kalianyar and Pucang Oil. The government shall build another park to increase the number of people living at a distance of five-minute walk from the park.

Not that Solo trouble free. Quality of public space is still considered low, especially with the lack of awareness on environmental issues. The river is still polluted, untreated drainage so that flooding often occurs.

According to the UN Habitat report, pro-poverty policy conducted in Solo include reducing vulnerability to flooding, improve the poor infrastructure and create jobs. The most important thing is to involve the poor in dialogue.


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